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Don’t give people a reason not to buy your house

Dont give peole a reason not to buy your house. Let me explain.

While the house market is slow, properties outnumber buyers in most parts of the country. However, with not much new property coming onto the market, buyers still don’t have a great choice. Therefore it may be less a case of someone falling in love with your house. Rather, it could well be more about not having a house that is ruled out buy some undesirable flaw.

Here I am not talking about your property being situated next to a railway line or on a main road. There’s precious little you can do about this type of issue. You just have to find a buyer who won’t be put off by these types of situation.

Buyers don’t always have the imagination to see beyond a property’s current condtion and the personal possessions of the current owners. However some things are definate no’s in anyone’s book.

A property that is dirty, or possibly gives the impression that the owners have an unhygenic lifestyle will put most people off, no matter how good a buy your house is.

Don’t give people a reason not to buy your house, that could so easily be sorted with a little time and effort.
The state of a property’s bathroom is a case in point. Having one of the older coloured bathroom suites or even pine cladding in the bathroom isn’t the end of the world. But mould on the tiles, stained grout and carpet on the floors is likely to send most people running.

A little elbow grease is all it needs to turn a bathroom from disaster to triumph. There are no many specialist cleaning products on the market (including treatments for stained grout) that you have no excuse. If you make only one change swap the carpet for lino.

If you have the cash then of course think about putting a new suite in before putting your house on the market. You can get suites from about £200, but remember to budget maybe twice as much for installation.

House sellers rarely think of ‘barriers’ to achieving a sale. But if you can avoid giving people reasons not to buy your home, you are aleady one step ahead of everyone else trying to sell

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