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Let’s be honest. The market for selling is pretty rubbish and has been for a while.

How To Sell Your house Tips is brought to you by people who have bought and sold property for a living. Meeting many house sellers and estate agents made us realise that some people are ‘first time sellers’ or haven’t sold for perhaps twenty years or more and have lots and lots of questions.

Ignorance is the enemy of a quicker and cheaper sale!

We’ve also spoken to lots (hundreds!) of people about their options for selling. We’ve answered many queries on any number of aspects from selling: from how to fire an estate agent to where to buy the cheapest home report.

The market for selling houses is changing out of all recognition. Who’d have thought the economy would be in such poor shape. And maybe there is worse to come.

Selling houses will get tougher for a number of reasons. There is a greater chance you will lose money. Some will decide not to move at all – maybe not a bad thing.

Some issues that arise when selling houses are self inflicted – some of us create our own problems. How To Sell Your House Tips will mention some of the most obvious ways you can avoid getting into a pickle.

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We don’t have affiliate links on the site and there is no site sponsor. All information is independent, and to the best of our knowledge up to date at the time of publication.

With interest rates set to rise at some point (they have to!), more people will feel that a house sale suits their circumstances. However the market for selling will remain poor because of restrictions on financing and the jobs market.

House sellers need all the help they can get – that’s where we come in.